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Never forget that expenses rise to meet income, this is the gist of Parkinson's law. This is the reason that a couple months after most people get a raise; it feels just as tight financially as it did before the raise. “The real poverty of typical families is found neither in their low income nor in costly essential expenses but rather in not understanding their own cash flow. Regardless of income level, overspending causes poverty. Saving and budgeting produces wealth. Cash flow is the net movement of money for a given entity. If the net flow is negative, the household ran a deficit for the year. One year of deficit means many years of debt. With interest payments, it frequently leads to financial defeat. If net flow is positive, the household ran a surplus. One year of surplus means many years of investable savings that, with market growth, frequently leads to financial success. This logic and method of calculation applies to any entity, be it private or public, corporate or familial. Cash flow issues cause corporations to sink or swim and households to go bankrupt".

"The decisions we make today–to run a surplus or a deficit–impact ourselves and the institutions we manage long after we’ve forgotten what we did that year. The deficit years of our past create the financial emergencies of our present. Meanwhile, years of plenty and surplus create smooth sailing for the unknowns of the future", Marotta, David J.

This consulting service is the solution for anyone who:

1) Wants to delegate budget execution to lighten their load of business/personal responsibilities
2) Wants to manage their cash flow more aggressively than they are independently
3) Wants to learn how to manage their cash flow according to basic fundamental financial principles

Envoy clients can simply check their email to review their budget and see their payment confirmations - it's that simple. Your cash flow will be managed through your online banking utilizing your bank’s online bill payment system to schedule your payments, this provides peace of mind so everything is completely transparent – where your money went and how much was paid. Budget execution reduces wasteful spending to ensure debts are paid off as aggressively as possible. Clients manage their own disposal income (spending money which might include hobbies, hair care, food, gas for vehicles, entertainment, travel, etc). You have more questions, contact Envoy for more answers!

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...Through bad financial choices, divorce, and family hardship I was feeling broke and more trapped than ever. I had to swallow my pride and admit I was overwhelmed and needed help. I was full of anxiety during the initial consultation but you were reassuring, you made me feel like you were going to be in this with me every step of the way. I tell everyone about Envoy FPA when afforded the opportunity. I have a very long way to go but with your help I am confident now that I will get there. I mean this truly and sincerely when I tell you that you have been changing my life

WB. Air Traffic Controller
Avon, Connecticut

Only one year has gone by and such a big difference in my money habits has changed. I'm so proud of myself in my discipline. I no longer have to say I wish... It's I will or can!

CS. Nurse
Atlanta, Georgia

...I was extremely overwhelmed by my financial situation...I couldn't get out of the hole and it was difficult for me to get organized. When I met with Elena for the first time I found her to be welcoming and confident of her ability to help me reach my financial goals. I no longer feel stressed about my bills or savings because Envoy FPA takes care of it. I have seen a tremendous improvement with in my first 90 days. I definitely will continue to refer Envoy FPA to my family and friends

MW. Property Manager
Atlanta, Georgia

I contacted Envoy FPA and felt a sense of relief knowing I had a partner to consult and that I had a cushion for unexpected expenses in my savings, I’d never had that before. I paid off the furniture I’ve financed since working with Envoy FPA which eliminated a bill, freed up more cash and eliminated the high interest rate. It feels like I’m progressing when it comes to my finances, my outlook on paying bills and budgeting is better. I’d tell anyone considering this service to think about how long you’ve been saying you’re going to do better with your money. Just make the call, you have to be ready for a sense of power and embrace change

BR. Business Analyst II
Atlanta, Georgia

The consulting provided by Envoy FPA raised my middle credit score from 624 to 720 in less than six months. My life was improved by this service because I was able to afford more things like groceries and was able to buy another car at a 4.75% interest rate. It made me feel like I have control of my finances and gave me stability. Envoy FPA worked great!

JM. Teller
Atlanta, Georgia

There's no shame in owning where you are and where you need to be. Envoy FPA will make you proud of your finances and you will look forward to the road ahead!

ST. Analyst
Tallahasee, Florida

After my consultation, I realized how much adjustment my finances needed. The first benefit was seeing more money in my 401k. The conversation was an eye opener and taught me a lot more than I knew even though I'm very good with my money. I was very satisfied

TD. Network Engineer
Atlanta, Georgia

Envoy FPA sets me up for a financial touchdown for my future. I am self-employed so having my finances under a watchful eye by a financial accountability partner makes me rethink every penny I spend. This experience made me feel more financially sound for my future

KG. Self Employed Stylist
Atlanta, Georgia